Access control and security is very important. Products in this range don’t include garage door and remote control gates, but also front door locks, alarm systems and surveillance equipment.

The two biggest things to consider with these systems is what kind of integration you want, and what kind of redundancies are you willing to live with.

For electric gates and garage doors, you must decide if you want them to integrate with a system you already have, or if you’re happy to have them standalone. By defaults these products come with a remote control that you carry with you and click to activate. This has little to no integration with other systems but is simple to use. Alternatively you want a system that will react to your comings and goings. When you get home it must open doors, disarm alarms and turn on the lights. When you leave it must lock everything, notify you of events at home and keep you safe.

Many smart home products connect to the internet. Some of them will use this connection for updates and notifications, some require an internet connection to stay working. Be very careful about choosing a product that requires a constant internet connection, else you might find yourself locked out. Even if your device doesn’t require internet, investigate what backups it has for if the power fails. Some products, such as an electrical gate, will have a battery backup. Door locks will often be battery operated, requiring a replacement once a year, but is then non-reliant on a stable power or internet source.

And then what do you want the product to actually do. How connected and smart must it be. How do you want it to work. Are you happy with keys, do you want codes, or maybe to use your cellphone. Must it be a simple one touch operation or do you want to keep it old fashioned and simple?

To see examples of different products in the access control and security range, have a look at some of our product comparisons below:

images: Schlage