Obtaining better control over your home’s thermostat or climate control is not only a cost-saving effort, but also a way to increase your comfort level.

There are two major things to consider when purchasing a connected thermostat, first you need to consider the system you currently have installed, and secondly what you want to get out of the system.

Current System
It may sound stupid, but there’s no point in buying a fancy thermostat if there’s no way for it to control your heating and AC. There are several different standards in houses, and you have to be especially careful if you live in an older house to ensure the device you purchase is able to control your system. Fortunately several manufactures have websites which allow you to test compatibility. You can try out Nest’s for example.

Most will support systems controlled by digital systems, but some high voltage applications may not be compatible.

Your current thermostat quite likely already allows you to set a schedule, but there’s so much more you can do. If you have some form of smart home setup already going then you’ll want to find a thermostat that can integrate with it. If you don’t have one, consider how you want to expand the system later. Many systems allow you to set more complicated schedules, depending on the day. Will allow you to control them and monitor temperatures from the internet, and react to your movements through the house, or even just monitor whether anyone is in the house.

Two of the most popular products currently are the Nest and Sensi-Smart products. Reviews for them will be coming soon.


images: Nest