There are several things to consider when wanting to install a smart lighting or smart switch system. The biggest one being what protocol or system you want to make use of.

Stand alone system
Doesn’t require a hub of any kind, will usually be controlled from your cellphone. May be able to program light bulbs individually, or may require cellphone to trigger events.

Existing System
Do you already have an Amazon Echo, or do you have Apple products that you want to have control with Siri? Make sure that your purchase is compatible with the system you want to control it.

How much control?
How much control do you want to have? Do you just want to be able to turn them on and off from your home? Do you want them to be time programmed so they turn on and off when you’re away? Must they know where you and thus which lights to have turned on? All of this has to be considered before hand.

To try help your decision, below you can find some of the top brands in a table that highlights some of their features.


You can view more info on some of the products here:

images: Philips Hue