Nest started out in 2010. The first product they released was the Nest Thermostat, and have progressively been releasing more products over the last few years, including a smoke alarm, and monitoring cameras to their line-up. All their devices connect through Wi-Fi

As wonderful as Nest’s hardware is, the real strength of Nest is in their app. It has interfaces for Android and iOS as well as their watch counterparts and has web interfaces compatible with all the major web browsers. But more than that it allows the integration of many other smart home products too.nest-thermoRecently Nest have promoted ‘Works with Nest’, which adds an easy to identify logo to any product that can be controlled via the Nest app, and this has added accessibility and integration options from many smart product manufacturers. Examples include the Philips Hue lights and Yale locks, but the list is far more extensive.

As well as Nest integrates with other manufacturer’s products, it can also be controlled from various other interfaces such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Samsung SmartThings.


While Nest products do require Wi-Fi with internet to initially setup, once running they will continue to operate and even communicate with each other should you lose your connection to the internet. You will however no longer be able to control your devices or receive notifications until the internet has been returned.

While the Nest App and related services are free, the products are not cheap and they do make some money from upgrade subscriptions, for example their Nest Aware service which stores video footage for 10 days and gives you improved notifications.nest-apps

Customer reviews are incredibly positive for all their products. Everyone seems impressed with the quality of the products, the ease of setup and improved control of all devices. Some people have received some faulty units, but 1-star ratings are exclusive to less than 4% of all reviews besides the indoor cam on which people complain about poor service.

Nest have worked hard to deliver products that people will want and create an environment and App that allows endless integration offering what is arguably the best, most encompassing interface for controlling your smart home.

Thermostat: Nest Learning Thermostat
Smoke Alarm: Nest Protect Smoke Alarm
Indoor Camera: Nest Indoor Security Camera
Outdoor Camera: Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera

images: Nest