Osram, or Sylvania as you may know them, are world leaders in lighting technology and offer their smart products under the Lightify brand name. The products operate with the ZigBee protocol and as such require a small hub to run. The hub plugs directly into a wall socket and connects via Wi-Fi. Like many other products you use the manufacturer’s app (Lightify) on your phone to create an account, link your hub and then start linking light bulbs and switches to the hub.


Bulbs are offered in tunable white and an RGB arrangement. Osram also have their own range of LED strips which are all RGB controllable. A smart plug is available so you can control appliances as well as your lights. Osram also offer switch products, although these operate as remote controls and not as a controllable switch.

The app’s control is fairly standard allowing for the grouping of various bulbs and several preset features such as a wake-up mode and various lighting scenes. While your hub is connected to the internet you get worldwide control of your devices, and if the internet goes down, can still control devices when connected to your local only network.


While there’s a good selection of products available and their website offers some information, Osram’s site is a bit confusing with several links having a ‘coming soon’ designation and other’s not providing the desired information. Hopefully this will be rectified soon as it gives the brand a cheap, rushed feeling.

Different products have received varying levels of feedback, but it’s not as good as some of its competitors. As usual for these products, majority of people are happy with the product and it does exactly what they expect. Unusually a range of the Lightify products have received a 1-star rating from 28% of respondents. This is abnormally high. Majority of these complaints relate to connectivity issues, either with setup, or several days after a successful setup.


Osram’s combination of products (including recessed, A19 and BR30 forms) makes it a strong contender and its integration with Wink and WeMo means that it can also be controlled through Alexa, although a bit of setup is required. Besides some customer noted connectivity issues, it is otherwise a product with good prospects..

Hub: Lightify Hub New
Bulb: Lightify Tunable White
LED Strip: Lightify LED Flex Strip
Plug: Sylvania Smart Plug
Switch (remote): Lightify Dimming Switch


images: Osram Lightify