Schlage has been around since 1920, always with a focus on locks and security. Currently they offer three main products in the smart lock realm. Their base unit the Schlage Touch and two slightly upgraded models, the Schlage Connect (which can work with Amazon Alexa), and the Schlage Sense (which is aimed at the Apple HomeKit market). All products feature keypads as a main way to lock and unlock them.

Schlage Touch

The Schlage Touch is the introductory model. The only way to unlock this unit is via the keypad. The lock is able to store 19 different access codes, and is available in two different lock mechanism styles. Either a a twist-style lever to pull back the deadbolt or a more conventional door handle lever. The Schlage Touch has no keyhole, and this is proffered as a security advantage.

Schlage Touch – Camelot trim with accent lever in satin nickel

Schlage Connect

The Schlage Connect is offered as an upgrade of the Touch. It features a similar keypad which can store up to 30 different codes. The Connect has a built in motor, so when a correct code is inputted, the lock automatically retracts. The lack of manually activate lever leaves place for a backup keyhole in its stead.

The connect aspect of this phone comes in the form of a Z-wave transceiver. When connected to a suitable hub, this allows remote control and programming of the Schlage Connect. Suitable hubs include the Samsung SmartThings Hub, Wink Hub 2 and Vera Controller, although Nexia is specifically recommended by Schlage to get all features. Your lock can then by operated via the specific hub’s own interface or mobile app.

Schlage Connect – Camelot trim with deadbolt in satin nickel

When connected, you can control the lock when you’re away from home, you can program the lock with your cellphone and can additionally link the lock for activation with Alexa. Notifications can also be set up to alert you when the door is unlocked, or if someone is trying to break in.

Schlage Sense

The Schlage Sense is an almost carbon-copy of the Schlage Connect, just designed for the Apple HomeKit environment. We reviewed it previously as part of our round up of the best Apple HomeKit locks, where it narrowly lost out to the Kwikset Premis Smart Lock.

Schlage Sense – Century trim in satin nickel

The Schlage Sense differs from the Connect in that it operates on Bluetooth instead of Z-Wave, as such it can connect directly to your iPhone or iPad, and allow control when you’re away from home via the an AppleTV device. Some features will be directly accessible from the HomeKit setup on your phone, otherwise a Schlage app is provided for the rest. The Schlage Sense also has a built in alarm and can store 30 access codes.


All units have a backlit touchscreen that lets you type in codes in the dark and feature a low battery warning to ensure you’re not stranded outside your house when the battery dies. Likewise, they all install in only a few minutes and require no subscription.

So there you have it, the main differences between Schlage’s three keyless lock options. Each one has a specific purpose, so your choice of one over the other will depend on what you’re wanting to achieve. Your only decision left is to choose between their various visual style options, and consider an optional door handle.