The NuBryte Touchpoint Hub launched over a year ago and has heralded itself as an all in one smart device for your home, but what exactly does that mean? We take a closer look and give you our thoughts.

The NuBryte Home device is designed to take all the best aspects of home automation and combine them into one neat unit. One of its main selling points is as a security device, with a built in siren and video camera. The wide angle camera has built in motion detection and can also send images to your phone.

It comes in two variants, either a single or dual switch, referring to how many lights it can control directly, but there is only a $10 price difference. Your choice should be based on the amount of space you have in your light switch fixture, as that is where the NuBryte gets mounted.

NuBryte TouchPoint

The Good

Installation is easy. It’s dimensions allow it to fit into any conventional light switch fixture, and wiring is as simple as a few screw terminals.

It really is an all in one device, with light switch, Wi-Fi connectivity and notifications as well as built in web-cam that doubles as a motion sensor and able to provide weather forecasts and sync with a calendar.

The switches that you connect to the device can be controlled by Alexa, which means it can fit right in to an existing home automation setup with minimal effort.

The Bad

The device lacks connectivity with other devices. Some people will buy this expecting it to fit in as a controlling mechanism, allowing it to connect and control other smart devices, but it is stand-alone. Actions on the device can’t be used to control other smart devices.

Although installation is easy, you do require a neutral line, which not all light switches are going to have. This can be a bit of a hassle, but is not a deal-breaker, and is standard across similar products. A ground wire is also advised.

Although it has a built-in camera, it seems that a live stream can’t be viewed, and images and video are only transmitted and stored when movement triggers the camera.


If you have multiple NuBryte devices, they can be used as an intercom system. We don’t see ourselves ever using this feature, but presumably there are people with houses large enough to warrant its use. Could be useful if you often spend time in a garage and have another unit in the main house.You can schedule the unit to control your lights while you away, or to turn on automatically in the morning or at night.

The price isn’t excessive. For all that you’re getting it is a decent price. Still a lot to pay for a single unit, it’s cheaper than buying each item individually.

Automation Haus Verdict

While on the surface this all in one device seems to advertise itself as a control system, it isn’t. It should be viewed as a single multi-purpose device, that is there to complement an existing setup. Much like purchasing an additional smart light bulb or sensor.

NuBryte have been claiming a new model for a while now, and recently announced a 2017 launch for an update model that will also allow fan control. A series of smart switches are also on the cards, but only a promise and no date.

Although a promising product, and a lot of work has been put into improving its functionality since its launch, we’d rather forego the webcam and siren, instead choose something like the Wink Relay (Wink Hub 2 Review). That decision is based on our own preferences though, and the NuBryte Touchpoint certainly has a place in the market.


The NuBryte Touchpoint can be purchased directly from Amazon:

Single Switch Variant: link
Dual Switch Variant: link