Smart Homes

Smart homes can take on a number of different forms and can have extremely varying levels of integration and installed technologies.

At it’s base, it is the control of certain aspects of one’s home, either by a preprogrammed/automated system or by a wireless control of some form (cellphone, voice control etc.)

The biggest home automation products are:

  • Lighting and Switch products – allows you to remotely or in an automated fashion control the lights in your house, or other devices by a connected electric switch.
  • Climate Control Products – Now you can set the thermostat in your house to heat up or cool down just before you get home and turn off when you leave for work.
  • Acces Control Products – Get your house to open for you when you get home, monitor who is home and when and maybe who’s trying to access your house when they shouldn’t.
  • Interface and Control Products – You need something to help you control all of these devices, whether it’s a software program, central electronic control system or voice controlled system like Alexa.